Amicus Curiae Brief Filed in the Floyd Landis/USPS/Lance Armstrong Whistleblower Lawsuit: Blows Away Everyone Including the Judge…?

Washington, DC:  On Friday, January 31, 2014, renowned paralegal investigator Fred Mauney,  ” a.k.a. The Phoenix ” filed an Amicus Curiae Brief in the Floyd Landis whistleblower lawsuit that accuses Lance Armstrong, Thom Weisel and others of defrauding the USPS of 40 million  dollars in Federal Court,  District of Columbia,  Civil Action  # 10-00976 (RLW) Docket Entry 151

“ The Phoenix Brief” as it is known, first began when Fred Mauney was fraudulently denied a reward payment by the USPS after he helped solve the murder of Postal employee Lee Wayne Parker of Salt Lake City, Utah back in 1999. This was also about the same time Lance Armstrong was winning his first Tour De France race.  Unbeknownst to the USPS, they could not have picked a worse person to cheat than Fred Mauney and because of their arrogance and criminal behavior set in motion Mauney’s steadfast commitment to exposing the misconduct, corruption, and fraud of USPS’s upper management with billionaire Thom Weisel and their collusion with Lance Armstrong in pulling off the sporting scandal of the century.

The apparent extensive documentation in the Amicus Curiae Brief with exhibits is a broad range of allegations of fraud, which are just now being brought to light, not only to the Court’s attention but also to the World’s attention. This Amicus Curiae Brief is a story of one man’s 14 year struggle with corruption within the USPS, is on the surface very impressive.

This Brief is a must read for all in the Cycling and sporting world, as well as Postal Employees and everyone in the Legal Profession… in fact the whole world, and most importantly the newly formed investigating body of the UCI.

Unlike Lance Armstrong’s lying and admitted cheating his way to being a hero, Fred Mauney “The Phoenix”  is the “Real Thing”.

This Amicus Curiae Brief with exhibits can now be seen, read and downloaded at for FREE !!

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