The Biggest Shyster of Them All

Shyster lawyer U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas active role in moving the country rightward should be a scandal, an outrage, and a fixed feature in our media. But it’s not.

Shyster lawyer U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been for 20 years filing false federal financial documents by not reporting his wife’s income. This is documented financial conflicts of interest with regards of his decisions in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and possibly other decisions. Why did Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas get special appointment at the U.S. Committee on Financial Disclosure on a Saturday, January 22, 2011 to amended financial statements when it is normally closed over the weekend?

When was the last time you herd of someone being called in on a weekend during closed hours so you could amend your taxes?

According to a complaint filed to the Department of Justice by Velvet Revolution a network of more than 120 progressive organizations reaching millions of people, shyster lawyer Supreme Court Justice Thomas committed at least 20 crimes against the Citizens of the United States by falsifying 20 years of Federal Financial Disclosure Forms that his wife Virginia earned non-investment income. Clarence Thomas further made rulings that his wife benefitted from financially and professionally, and by extension, that benefitted him and his family.

For a lack of better words, the Supreme court Judge lied to the citizenry. These are crimes of the highest kind by the highest Judge of the Highest Court in these United States of America. It’s your court, it’s my court, it’s our court and it’s even Clarence Thomas’ court, but he is the judge.

Antonin Scalia must have known all along about Clarence Thomas. Scalia had to know Thomas was falsifying 20 years of federal financial disclosure statements. How could Scalia not knot? Or how could the other 8 Justice’s not know? Why did Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia side to form the majority in the landmark campaign finance case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, that in early 2010 lifted the ban on corporate and union spending on political campaigns? Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, who sided with the majority in that case, have ties to a major beneficiary of the decision, Koch Industries, one of the largest privately held corporations in the nation. Brothers Charles and David Koch, who lead the company and spend millions each year on political activism, bragged that Scalia and Thomas were featured guests at political strategy “seminars” the brothers host regularly for members of Congress, political operatives, and big donors.

Why then did Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia meet with the Cock brother’s? If these two Supreme Court judge are not taking bribes then the moon is made of cheese… Because even the appearance of bias undercuts public confidence in our courts, judges aren’t supposed to be involved in political activity.The real questions that we have to ask ourselves is, if Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas what seems to be on it’s face has been perpetrating these falsifications of financial disclosure forms for 20 years in the public eye. The other 8 Supreme Court Justices, a very tight knit elite group of presidential appointees must have all kn own along of Clarence Thomas’ misconduct with regards of his dishonesty, deceit and misrepresentation of his financial interests regarding his wife political associations. What does this say about the other 8 Supreme Court Justices? This scenario seems to suggest that a two tier justice system has evolved out of the advancing political corruption is now the new status quo.

“Justice Thomas must be held accountable because no one, especially a Supreme Court justice, is above the law,” said Mr. Zeese. “Over the past several weeks, we have seen people rise up in the Middle East because those in power corruptly used their positions to enrich themselves, their wives and families. But our country is supposed to be different and based on the rule of law and equal justice. Therefore, we are insisting that all the tools available to deal with corruption by Justice Thomas be used to root out that corruption.”

Politics and the American way: Justice for sale.


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